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Growing up in Milan Marra indulged himself with the musical
stylings of Donna Summers, Earth Wind & Fire and George Benson.
Growing in age as well as taste in music Marra became passionate about
the ever expanding genre of House Music which only solidified his
“link” with the music he creates. After twenty years in the
industry Fabrizio is trying hard to promote some of the best music,
the most exclusive deep-house & soulful mixes available; He credits
his friendships, links and collaborations with highly respected and
recognized Producers for his climb to the top. Fabrizio Marra has been
requested around the world playing at clubs in London, Barcelona,
Sheffield Uk New York and guest at Winter Music Conference in Miami,
as well as being sought after in Italian clubs back home.
After playing at Cocoon in Bahrain in November, Fabrizio is also
scheduled to play in Ibiza,Dubai and lots of place around the world.
Fabrizio Marra is an artist that continues to evolve and develop
with consummate ease. New sounds, new developments and new frontiers;
they all remain an instrumental part of his thrust forward as one
the planet’s leading underground House music tastemakers.
As a producer he continues to smash preconceptions about not only his style
but the wider spectrum of House and Techno as well.
His style remains perfectly emblematic of the dance floor dexterity needed
in the modern clubspace, bringing the seductive groove and swing of
classic house just as readily as the energy of techno.
There are few who balance musical maturity with an exciting creative edge,
and it’s the experience informed from his illustrious past combining with
the forward thinking surge to the future that makes his musical manoeuvres
so irresistibly potent.



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