Jason Kabuki


Jason Kabuki AKA Operator – Since 1989 the experienced gained in the music business has benefited Jason and all those around him, a successful DJ, Producer, Re-mixer and Music Consultant.

He is on top form when he performs a mix of deep soulful and tech house and then compliments it with jazz and Latino grooves, he plays to a sophisticated and intimate audience globally.

His performances gather the people’s spirits toward a positive source and creates a hypnotic and harmonious mix that leaves the guests bursting with emotion.

With many global brands Jason has performed in Ibiza, Turkey, Greece, and Spain and in recent years Dubai.

His many London appearances as Operator back in early nineties have included venues like The End, Mass, Fabric, The Arches, Chelsea football club, Astoria and Ministry of sound to name just a few.

Jason has recently been entertaining audiences for exclusive VIP parties and corporate events in the Middle East, now he is concentrating his efforts on new productions and music consultancy.

He has already clocked up numerous miles over the last few years in the UK and Europe; his last EP Production had a great reaction and was featured on BBC Radio One as being “deep, tribal and very sexy, a great musical track with a conscience!”

A self taught DJ from 16, Jason listened to many early house DJs such as Fabio, Mr C and Richie Fingers and tuning into radio stations such as Centre force and the pirate station Kiss Fm late into night, even building giant antennae in the loft to pick up far away signals he was always keen to focus his ears to specific music styles.

As he progressed through his pre-teens, he wrecked his parents’ record players and tape decks eagerly producing house and Detroit techno mixes for his friends on cassette.

From chasing the endless in raves from 1989 like Sunrise and Biology the UK was the starting point that made Jason set up his music career and finally spread his message around the world.

“Creative Music for Open Spaces”



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